Illinois Association for Couples and Family Counseling (IACFC)

Welcome to the Illinois Association of Couple and Family Counselors!  We are a diverse group of professionals who specialize in helping couples and families.  Let us know how we can support you!
Vision Statement from 
President Dr. Nicole L Thompson:

When I think of couples and families, I envision two very complex words that only truly be defined by the individuals who create their meaning. For some of us couples and/ or family can excite feelings of love, warmth, and is perceived as a source of strength, while for others these words provoke emotional memories of great pain and devastation. Both experiences can be known or unknown consciously in our own experiences as well as the people who come to us for help.

I have two visions as President of IACFC :

1. To create an environment that facilitates a deeper understanding of who and what creates or defines a couple and/or family.

2. To facilitate a community that is committed to the belief that the power of expansive thinking can increase our cultural perspectives and change the attitudes about who couples and families are. In doing so, we can enhance research, improve how we teach and provide clinical supervision, and increase treatment outcomes as it pertains to couples and families. However, most importantly, which is what I believe our community is about, learning newer ways to provide couples and families with the tools to create and re-create their own-mission statements that produces strength and a foundation for continual growth.